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Professional MediaIndependent Press pass (blogs, Youtube, social media)

General Info

1. Any communication media can ask for a pass to come to the convention filling in the applicable form at the end of this conditions, as long as it comply with the requirements:

– Professional media (radio, newspaper, television): having a personal pass from the media, and/or active subscription to the Press Association.
– Independent media (blogs, Youtube, social media, podcasts…): be related with the subject of the convention, offering some kind of review or content related to attending the convention, and for social media, having the following minimums:

· Facebook: at least 1.500 followers.
· Youtube: at least 20.000 followers.
· Twitter: at least 6.000 followers.
· Instagram: at least 12.000 followers.

2. We will consider giving Press passes out of this minimums as long as the material previously provided has enough quality and can be used by Japan Weekend. Also, outnumbering the amount of followers does not confirm having the pass, as we will apply the criteria to all the requests.

3. All the applicants must be over 18 years old.

4. The times to apply for a Press pass will be published in our social media, and will end 15 days prior to the convention (at that moment we will inform about the given & denied passes). Once the form is closed, any request received after this date will not be considered by the organization.

5. We will deny instantly any request that:
– Fills in the wrong form.
– Do not answer a mandatory field.
– Provide fake, wrong or out-of-date information (including non-working web links).
– Have few interactions in their posts although they comply with the minimum followers stated on the terms.
– The content of the media does not apply with the convention interest.

6. The organization and the Press team will check every application received, and will consider giving or denying the pass by their own criteria (interest for the convention, journalistic quality, reach…).
– It will be positively considered if the media has covered previous editions, and has informed of the celebration of the next one prior to the press pass request. If they have covered previous editions, the coverage shall be public & available for everyone, but it does not ensure the concession of the pass.

7. The coverage made by the media must be related with activities available at the convention and have a minimum quality (pictures, video, audio, wording…).

8. The organization will send a press release to the accredited media days before the convention, to be broadcasted.

9. The organization could use the coverage material (videos, pictures…) for its promotion, always stating the property of the used material.

Press pass

1. The Press pass is personal and non-transferable, being the holder totally responsible for its use.

2. In case of loss, the organization will not issue a new one.

3. 1 or 2 passes will be provided to each applying & choosen media.
– For a 3rd pass, the media must contact the organization once they are confirmed they will assist, to consider their petition.

4. If the accredited person can not attend the convention, he/she must inform the organization about it at least 5 days prior to the convention, stating if a substitute will come, and if it is so providing this person´s info.

5. The pass must be always visible, along with an identity document (the media shall provide their own lanyard & ID-holder).

6. Cualquier persona de la organización, de seguridad o del recinto podrá solicitar al titular que acredite su identidad.

7. The Press pass gives its owner access to the convention during its opening times, with limitless access (unless for capacity reasons the access may be temporally restricted, in which case they will follow the safety staff instructions).

8. The collection of the Press pass will take place at the specific counter during convention opening times, not being possible out of this times.

9. Providing a Press pass for the convention, or being accredited in past editions does not ensure its concession for future ones.

10. Once the convention is finished, the media shall publish the coverage, and send the organization the link or proof of it.

11. Any media that does not come to cover the convention, or does not inform the organization the impossibility of coming, will be rejected for future editions.

12. Coming to the convention and not covering or publishing the coverage, implies the rejection for future editions.

13. Being accredited as Press media does not exempt from complying the convention general terms, neither to not apply with the instructions provided by the organization. Restricted areas will also apply for those with Press pass (backstage, guest rooms…).

14. If a guest does not accept being photographed during a period of time, those with Press pass will not take pictures.


1. The media willing to interview guests must state it in the Press pass application form. The Press team will study the requests, distribute the interviews in the availabel timetable and will inform the chosen media. This interviews will take place in the designated room.

2. Interview timetables may be modified for organizational or guest needs, being informed to the affected media.

3. Not showing up to a scheduled interview, or not warning about not being able to attend, involves being denied for future conventions & interviews.

4. In the case a guest does not gives interviews, it will be informed to the media after they hace requested it.

Videographic coverage

1. JOINTO ENTERTAINMENT S.L. shares and supports the “Cosplay is not consent” initiative, so it asks all the photo & videographers to respect the public attending the convention, always asking if the¡y can take them a picture and telling them where they are going to publish them. If a cosplayer or attendee where pictured without warning, against its will or consent or threatening him/her, the Press pass will be immediately recalled, and will not be given for further editions.

2. The audiovisual footage produced in the convention can not be directly sold (prints, stock photos…), only if it is used in commercial publications for general public. If a cosplayer wants to sell a picture taken during the convention, he/she must ask for the photographer & JOINTO ENTERTAINMENT S.L. approval.