What’s International Cosplay League?

ICL is an international cosplay competition made and organized by Japan Weekend, the biggest convention of Madrid (Spain). The first edition we had was in 2017 with 11 international countries from three different continents. The finals of 2018 will be take part on the 29th and 30th of September.

What’s the system of the competition?

We select a duo and a solo, a couple and an individual contestant. The duo is based on the performance (60% performance and 40% craftsmanship) and the solo is based completely on the craftsmanship, so a performance is not required -on the finals all the solos catwalk with music chosen by the organization and after that the cosplay performances of the duos begin.
On the preselection the categories could be the same day or on different day, and if the solo category is combined with another international competition the solo will be permitted to perform but the jury will only take the costume in consideration.

What are the awards?

The first place is an economical reward consisting in 1500€ for the duo and 750€ for the solo. The second places receive a sponsored BERNINA machine, one for the duo and another for the solo, and the third place receives a sponsored coupon by ARDA WIGS consisting on 100€ per contestant, and also worbla sheets and fantasy lenses sponsored by KUROGAMI.